SONG FOR A LADY. Lady Chatterley
(Paroles et musique : Barrier-Lelou Adapt. : David Ledick)

Lady Chatter, Lady Chatter, La, Lady Chatterley,
When you appeared
So early here,
You surprised me.
Now it's just four,
That's early for
A Lady ...
I hope that my Lord is happy now with the birds.

And the foxes he wanted shot,
Tell him, please, yesterday I've got the lot
And the pheasant chicks are all hatched but three,
I will show them to you, you'd like to see ...

Lady Chatter Lady ...
Are you chill ?
Then 1 will
Make the fire stronger.
Come here by me
And you wili be
Cold any longer.
Your dress has become damp from the dew, hang it by the fire.

You smell good, it seems strange but nice,
My hands are rough, your skin's like ice,
You are pale, l'm dark and coarse,
You are like a dow, 1 a wild horse ...

Lady Chatter Lady ...
Don't be afraid,
That noise was made
By a morning dove.
Do you know
In your château
This kind of love ?
Lady chatter lady ...