The cat, the rat and Lola :

Paroles et musique: R.Barrier/B.Lelou Adapt: David Ledick

The cat, his eyes half-closed before the hole 
Awaits his pray like a mafioso - o - o 
That's the cat.

The rat, his eyes half-closed inside that hole 
Knows that he's there, that cat mafioso - o - o 
He'll never go.

As for me, 1 simply sit and watch the two, 
It's just another scene to view, 
I stay aloof.

But if, I should provide an other rat, 
Would soon forget our Mister Cat, 
Understand, my Lola ?

For you, are playing very hard to get, 
I could get bored with all of that, 
Lola, little rat !

Lola, if you won't play our little game, 
All little rat are much the same 
To me, my Lola ... Lola ... Lola ...